Visit – Twilight!!!

Hey 🙂 Thought i could come back for a visit, won’t hurt agreed? 😀

I have been truly addicted to the Twilight films & books! Have you ever gone through it? 😉 Or is it just me?

I got the Twilight book (the very first one) for my birthday which was on the 24th July. It was like the BEST birthday ever, i actually loved everything about that day :’D

Anyway, i read the book in like 3 days (pssssh, that shows the addiction doesn’t it?) And after than, i read it another 2 more times! Well, not fully – read only my fave parts but that was like most of the book. I watched Twilight through Youtube, and watched New Moon through some people’s blogs/sites. Hope to see Eclipse soon 🙂 Or i might just watch Breaking Dawn.

Anyhow – a new book is coming to the Twilight series called Midnight Sun!!!