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Hello my Yasminrose readers!

It has been very long since i last posted or even visited this site. As you know fully, Club Penguin isn’t something i go on daily, i go on it like, maybe one every couple of months? Since i don’t know much about the updates etc, we should move onto a topic that i CAN update to you about! So how would you like Twitter or Facebook or AIM to be discussed? I will be holding a poll below for you to vote, HURRY UP POLLS CLOSE ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE FIRST YEAR 🙂

NOTICE: Please can you look around on the website below (i left the link for you), as i’ve been asked to advertise them. As you can see in the picture, there are moving slideshow pics of the actual restaurant and there is a celebrity photo of the owners with the tennis player ‘Greg Rusedski’.


If you can’t click then copy and paste the link to your URL bar or just go on Google as usual and type in ” Haweli Restaurant ” and it should be the very first one!

~ Toodles, yasminrose.


Stamp Party

Long time no see penguins! This is Fire Peny 88 and I’m posting today to tell the readers of Yasminrose’s Weblog about my club penguin stamp collecting party. It’s a great event to get some of your stamps that you need or to help others collect them! It begins at 5am PST on the 11th September 2010 in the sever Fjord, for the full schedule and times in other time zones click the following link to my blog post: http://firepeny88.co.uk/2010/09/04/stamp-party

I hope to see you all there (including Yasminrose),

Fire Peny 88 😀


Here’s a sneak peack from Billybob’s post on Club Penguin (it’s to do with the new event coming up!)

Club Penguin's Future Event (Yasminrose)

THE NEW CLOTHING CATALOGUE IS FINALLY HERE (well it comes everyone month anyway lol)

So here are the screenshots of the pages WITH the cheats – the pages not on are the ones that don’t have any cheats and if they do then i didn’t know about it lol.

And it’d be nice if you let me know so i can add it in, don’t worry i will put your name in here that you helped out 🙂

Penguin Style Catalogue July

First page of cheats, click the tree end for the 3-D glasses:

Yasminrose cheats!

Yasminrose cheats!

This page has 3 hidden items:

Yasminrose cheats!

if you click the first button you get this:

First button (Yasminrose)

If you click the second button you get this:

Second button (Yasminrose)

And if you click the big button you click this:

Big button (Yasminrose)

Click the penguin’s beak to get this outfit:

Yasminrose cheats!

You click the greeny/bluey thing to get a Trombone (your penguin looks so funny when it’s playing it – trust me!)

Yasminrose cheats!

That’s about it – there are more cheats but i have posted them before because they’re old. If there are cheats and they’re not above – let me know!!!

Events to happen in July:

New catalogue – Today (cheats above!)

Find your music style – Today!

Music jam starts – July 9th

New penguin mail – July 9th

New pin coming on – July 16th

Bananas – What’s going on?!

This post is for the Banana-Hater-Readers 😀 To become a banana-hater, all you have to do is read the stuff on the Bananas page 🙂 And if you agree – you’re in, if not – EVIL!!!

Anyway, let’s move on, Bananas.

(Pssssh, i’m only doing this post because loads of people keep searching stuff about Bananas so hear you are my readers :D)

Bananas – how many times have you see adverts/bilboards/pictures/programmes where they tell you to eat Bananas to stay healthy and fresh? Seriously how many?! It’s just going too far, this isn’t JUST crazy talk – it’s about the people knowing the truth. In other words, US!

Bananas are yummy!  Bananas are disgusting!

I agree that sometimes they can be delicious – but why is it that most of the time it’s absouletly  HORRIBLE?!  I’ve researched and “apparently” it’s because they aren’t proper done yet till July – or the hot days. But that’s is not true tbh, because i had a banana a few days ago, and it’s near june – and it was yuckier than ever! Protest? Great idea!

– Yasminrose! zzz (I’m NOT crazy, jsut got nothing to do a post about hehe! But check back in a few days – there will be posts about Club Penguin’s new pins etc)


The awesome one-and-only pirate of Club Penguin IS HERE!

I suggest you go to Club Penguin and check out his ship he has put in the Beach! FREE ITEM FROM HIM TOO!

Also, if you’re lucky enough to see him, be sure to go up to him and catch his attention. Or if you’re the shy type, just click his player card and you get a FREE background – with his autograph and picture!

Go to the beach.. you see me there in the screenshot 🙂

Club Penguin's Beach (Yasminrose)

Waddle up to the ship… and you’re IN!

Rockhopper's Ship (Yasminrose)

You can go up the pole-like-thing (whatever it’s called) and a ladder will appear… this is what you end up seeing!:

Rockhopper's Ship (Yasminrose)

Here you get your mouse and hover it over the cannon – and BOOM! It blows. Had enough fun? Then go down to the ship again and into the place where it says “store”.

When you go in this is what it looks like:

Rockhopper's Ship (Yasminrose)

You click the little peice of paper on the bottom right hand corner to get this:

Free Items (Yasminrose)

You have to have to the key to go into Rockhopper’s Quaters (the door with a padlock on it):

Rockhopper's Ship (Yasminrose)

Then if you click the notice board – it gives you little clues where you might find Rockhopper, he’s usually on busy servers!

Rockhopper's To-Do List (Yasminrose)

If you know anything more about Rockhopper, let me know by just commenting below – doesn’t take long! Also, if you see him – MAKE SURE YOU GET THE FREE BACKGROUND, then you can let me know and you will be posted on one of our posts 😀


P.S., people have been searching “how to become EPF Agents…” so i am going to do a video on it with my Fiana9 account 🙂 xxx

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Club Penguin Adventure Party 2010!

I didn’t post about the Adventure party yesterday or the day after – so sorry 😦 I was REALLY busy and went away from home. Anyway, here’s THE ADVENTURE PARTY 2010!

This is what i saw the first moment i went onto Club Penguin, which just made me say “wow!”.

Club Penguin Adventure Party (Yasminrose)

Then i click the little paper boat next to the moderators sign, and this came up…

Scavenger Hunt Boats (Yasminrose)


I will now tell you how to do the scavenger hunt!

There is always a clue in the yellow post-it nose. So with our clues we will find a place where the boat is – good news is they are ALL boats. Most scavenger hunts have different items making it harder lol!

“And in the bushes, this boat is stored”, that describes the Forest:

Forest (Yasminrose)

Click the boat – now you have a new clue. I won’t be putting up ALL the clues (sorry) but i will say the important part of it. “The boat is anchored above a door”, this explains the Beach and it is above the door.

Beach (Yasminrose)

Click it and a new clue is here! “This boat’s taking cover behind a bush!” this describes the Snow Forts doesn’t it?

Snow Forts (Yasminrose)

Click it – new clue! “Underground where mermaids swim”, this sounds like that new room that came out doesn’t it? If you don’t know where it is then go to:

Forest  >  Move the big rock (where you found a pin last time)  > Go down the ladder > Mermaid Cove!

Mermaid Cove (Yasminrose)

Click it, another new clue! “Look to the bandana of a pirate puffle”, this describes the Plaza.

Plaza (Yasminrose)

Click it – new clue! “Inside a giant wooden cup”, sounds like the Town.

Town (Yasminrose)

Click it – new clue! “Hidden near a revolving chair”, describes the Ski Village.

Ski Village (Yasminrose)

Click it – new clue! “Hidden on a deserted island”, sounds like the Ice Berg – the hidden place on the map!

Ice Berg (Yasminrose)

That was the last boat, this comes up:

All Paper Boats (Yasminrose)

Build the map – just keep on trying and you’ll get there. This is what it turns out like:

Map Complete (Yasminrose)

Then it changes…

Note (Yasminrose)

And you get to have a FREE Background!

Free Background (Yasminrose)

NEW PIN – the light bulb, in the Pizza Parlour:

New Pin June (Yasminrose)

Also, ROCKHOPPER IS NEAR TO CLUB PENGUIN! (And will come soon to enjoy the Adventure Party with us!)

Rockhopper's Ship To Come (Yasminrose)

Free outfit can be found in that Treefort (it’s in the Forest):

Treefort (Yasminrose)

Go near it and you can get it into your inventory to start to use 🙂

Free outfit (Yasminrose)

Hope you had fun finding the items for the treasure hunt! Seeya!


Yay, i found a site that you can make quizzes on 🙂 So try it out below and leave a comment saying what you think of it:

Thanks 🙂 Seeya (more random stuff to come up, and this will be put up on the homepage too!!!)