Christmas – SOON!

CHRISTMAS IS COMING UP, are you ready?

I hope you enjoy Christmas as much as i will. Enjoy your presents from your family and friends (..maybe Santa if you believe so). Don’t let anyone or anything ruin your Christmas spirit! The new year is coming up fast, which means new year’s resolutions! Have you made a list or a few of Christmas resolutions yet? If not, start NOW! I myself haven’t thought of a proper one yet, but i will do soon! I’ll let you know as soon as i’m fully sure of it!

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

~ yasminrose



Farmville is one of my favourite games. It is a game on FaceBook, which you have to sign up for! You can expand your farm, adopt animals, add neighbours and much more! Here is a picture of my whole farm during Christmas 2009 (the middle isn’t filled yet but more pictures will be taken will done):

As you can see, it isn’t very clear, but my next pictures will be only parts of the farm to make it clearer for you to see. I also have blocked out the number of coins and Farm Cash i have as it isn’t anything useful. As you can see, you gain XP to reach your next level, i am reaching level 21. And it says Fuel to the bottom left because i have a “Harvesting” machine which harvets all the crops; which needs fuel to work! I have also cut out the neighbours as i don’t have any permission for them to be shown on this blog. The bottom right has three icons. The first left is zooming in, the next is zooming out, and lastly taking a picture. (This only works when you sign into your own account and make your own farm or visit others!)

Here is a picture of my maze which is tiny:

There is a candy machine for you when you reach there, unfortunately you can’t actually gain anything from it! Here is a picture of my Christmas corner:

When you hover over something that is a living, it will say the percentage of it’s current growth, for example, the Lime Tree is currently 80% near to being harvested! Here is a picture of my … happy corner? Haven’t got a name for it 😛 It just has random things, like a picnic table:

Here is the top of the middle of my farm, will the Chicken Coop and Dairy part:

As you can see, the snowflake isn’t a alive object – which is why it doesn’t have any percentages of how much it had grown. Here is a picture of my crops (they haven’t grown fully yet):

Here is a picture of my side of animals:

And here is another picture of my animals and the pond:

(By the way, the green cow is an Alien Cow! I have blocked out the name of my neighbour for the same reason as the previous ones. Here is a picture of the middle of my farm:

All of those pictures add up to my farm, i hope you like my farm – leave a comment to let me know you read this post! Let us know if you play Farville aswell, i’m sure your farm will be awesome! The best farm will win a prize? Yes, maybe a competition for Christmas on Farmville! Merry Christmas!