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My Best Style:)

Yasminrose's BEST outfit EVER!

That’s my BEST outfit, so don’t you dare say you own it 😛 And i will change it cos i don’t want the styles i do for the penguin to be on other people’s banners. Because i get NO credit, and I styled it! Well, bye then! Be back after semi-quit, naaah x


I’m now telling you… that i’m going to go on a semi-quit. Not a proper one because i will be back soon – if i want because this is crap. I just get over 1 view everyday, so bad compared to my friend’s blog’s and youtube’s. So bye:) Good for me & you. x If you want me to do posts on anything i can, but it will be once i get back so 😛 x

Any objections? I doubt it, you pathetic readers. Fuck yourselves:)x



Here’s a sneak peack from Billybob’s post on Club Penguin (it’s to do with the new event coming up!)

Club Penguin's Future Event (Yasminrose)

THE NEW CLOTHING CATALOGUE IS FINALLY HERE (well it comes everyone month anyway lol)

So here are the screenshots of the pages WITH the cheats – the pages not on are the ones that don’t have any cheats and if they do then i didn’t know about it lol.

And it’d be nice if you let me know so i can add it in, don’t worry i will put your name in here that you helped out 🙂

Penguin Style Catalogue July

First page of cheats, click the tree end for the 3-D glasses:

Yasminrose cheats!

Yasminrose cheats!

This page has 3 hidden items:

Yasminrose cheats!

if you click the first button you get this:

First button (Yasminrose)

If you click the second button you get this:

Second button (Yasminrose)

And if you click the big button you click this:

Big button (Yasminrose)

Click the penguin’s beak to get this outfit:

Yasminrose cheats!

You click the greeny/bluey thing to get a Trombone (your penguin looks so funny when it’s playing it – trust me!)

Yasminrose cheats!

That’s about it – there are more cheats but i have posted them before because they’re old. If there are cheats and they’re not above – let me know!!!

Events to happen in July:

New catalogue – Today (cheats above!)

Find your music style – Today!

Music jam starts – July 9th

New penguin mail – July 9th

New pin coming on – July 16th


Randomperson1996 told me about this site JUST LIKE WORDPRESS but better! And it’s called ‘Tumbir’! You should check it out! It’s absouletly awesome!

Why? Below are some good things about it – even though i only joined yesterday and have gone quite far with it but not so far for me to boast on, hehe! :

  • Upload your own picture for your blogs background (optional)
  • Post quotes, music, videos, photos, chats, and just a normal blog post!
  • Normal dashboard like wordpress, however you see what people that you follow have done (it’s not your blog, for your blog you have to click it in one of your sidebars!)
  • You click a heart to “like” something, this is shown on the top right of everyone post or whatever.
  • When you are doing a post, it is much easier becuase WordPress when you select bold – it writes bold in places which are ovbious that it shouldn’t be. That’s the good thing about Tumbir – it doesn’t have ANY mistakes!

You won’t understand ALL till you actually go on it! So click on the link below to go on to the NEW Yasminrose Weblog! (This will still be used MORE till i get more used to the other one!)


Haha 🙂 Seeya 🙂 x

Bananas – What’s going on?!

This post is for the Banana-Hater-Readers 😀 To become a banana-hater, all you have to do is read the stuff on the Bananas page 🙂 And if you agree – you’re in, if not – EVIL!!!

Anyway, let’s move on, Bananas.

(Pssssh, i’m only doing this post because loads of people keep searching stuff about Bananas so hear you are my readers :D)

Bananas – how many times have you see adverts/bilboards/pictures/programmes where they tell you to eat Bananas to stay healthy and fresh? Seriously how many?! It’s just going too far, this isn’t JUST crazy talk – it’s about the people knowing the truth. In other words, US!

Bananas are yummy!  Bananas are disgusting!

I agree that sometimes they can be delicious – but why is it that most of the time it’s absouletly  HORRIBLE?!  I’ve researched and “apparently” it’s because they aren’t proper done yet till July – or the hot days. But that’s is not true tbh, because i had a banana a few days ago, and it’s near june – and it was yuckier than ever! Protest? Great idea!

– Yasminrose! zzz (I’m NOT crazy, jsut got nothing to do a post about hehe! But check back in a few days – there will be posts about Club Penguin’s new pins etc)

Cool Penguin Chat

Try it out 😀