I have found a passion at designing Club Penguin penguin’s. You might have seen this on my homepage…

I’m a designer (well that’s what i call myself hehe, i’m not a REAL designer).

And if you want me to design YOUR penguin then leave your details here (: I did a post about this on the 26th May 2010.

I do not do any hacking (i myself have been hacked many times ):

But if you don’t want to give me any details and just want tips to how to make your penguin stand out, i can help you out (:  You’ll just have to tell me..

  • What items you have (i will need to make a combitnation then tell you)
  • Items you don’t have but don’t see the point in buying. (They might be worth-it, just leave it to me (: )

Leave comments, thankyou xxx

Want a Ghosty Style for the Boys?

Want a funky-hoody look for the girls?

Sporty look?

Clown look?

Baby/Child’s look?

Posh/Rich look?

Winterish look?

I’ll be putting up more pics;D you can see some styles for the girls on the left + right hand columns xxx


One Response

  1. I don’t mind if you copy them – that’s why they’re up there 😉 x

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