About The Admins

This is a page dedicated to the admins and other helpers on this site.


Fire Peny 88

Fire Peny 88  Fire Peny 88 is one of Yasminrose’s  friends in real life; they hang out with each other at school with their other friends and chat about all the latest gossip that’s been going around.

Favourite Colour:  Red, because it is a very fiery colour.

Website/Blog: I have loads but I think my best is Fire Peny 88’s Penguins Behaving Badly!

Comp is Now

Comp Is Now Comp is Now usually meets up with Yasminrose on Club Penguin (to take screenshots).

Favourite Colour: Goldish yellow, becuase I like Indiana Jones and the logo is that colour.

Website/Blog: http://compisnow.co.uk


Yasminrose Yasminrose has a penguin called Fiana 9, Yasminrose really likes dressing up penguins and giving them different types of style.

Favourite Colour:  Lots of colours, most of the ones in the rainbow!

Website/Blog: This site! 😀

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