Christmas – SOON!

CHRISTMAS IS COMING UP, are you ready?

I hope you enjoy Christmas as much as i will. Enjoy your presents from your family and friends (..maybe Santa if you believe so). Don’t let anyone or anything ruin your Christmas spirit! The new year is coming up fast, which means new year’s resolutions! Have you made a list or a few of Christmas resolutions yet? If not, start NOW! I myself haven’t thought of a proper one yet, but i will do soon! I’ll let you know as soon as i’m fully sure of it!

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

~ yasminrose

Our NEW Topic!

Hello my Yasminrose readers!

It has been very long since i last posted or even visited this site. As you know fully, Club Penguin isn’t something i go on daily, i go on it like, maybe one every couple of months? Since i don’t know much about the updates etc, we should move onto a topic that i CAN update to you about! So how would you like Twitter or Facebook or AIM to be discussed? I will be holding a poll below for you to vote, HURRY UP POLLS CLOSE ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE FIRST YEAR 🙂

NOTICE: Please can you look around on the website below (i left the link for you), as i’ve been asked to advertise them. As you can see in the picture, there are moving slideshow pics of the actual restaurant and there is a celebrity photo of the owners with the tennis player ‘Greg Rusedski’.

If you can’t click then copy and paste the link to your URL bar or just go on Google as usual and type in ” Haweli Restaurant ” and it should be the very first one!

~ Toodles, yasminrose.

Stamp Party

Long time no see penguins! This is Fire Peny 88 and I’m posting today to tell the readers of Yasminrose’s Weblog about my club penguin stamp collecting party. It’s a great event to get some of your stamps that you need or to help others collect them! It begins at 5am PST on the 11th September 2010 in the sever Fjord, for the full schedule and times in other time zones click the following link to my blog post:

I hope to see you all there (including Yasminrose),

Fire Peny 88 😀

My PS3 Games!

Unlike most people, i believe the PS3 is a lot better than the Ninteno Wii and the Xbox. However, i kind of think Xbox is good – my cousin has it, and he listens to music whilst playing games. That seems pretty cool – though PS3 was the first ever blu-ray DVD player out. And i got it like a couple of days after it first came out – it was VERY expensive. Anyway, i have these games, listed from favourites to not my likings:


Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


Smackdown 2010 VS. RAW

From the left to the right: Edge, Triple H, John Cena, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio<3333 love him(: Throughout all of the Smackdown’s i have played, Rey Mysterio has always been my favourite!

Bourne Conspiracy

Bourne Conspiracy



Gran Turismo5 | Prologue

Gran Turismo5 | Prologue



(If you read my last post, i wrote i was going to get the Breaking Dawn book from the Twilight series, well my brother is getting my older brother the new FIFA game too, which is below)

FIFA 2010

The new Call of Duty will be coming out in September – which is coming up! And it’s going to be called Call Of Duty – Modern Warfare 2 – Black Ops. The trailer is just, AMAZING! I can’t wait!

Twilight Book Series!

I’m REALLY happy because my brother ordered ‘Breaking Dawn’ (the book) for me, and it’s going to come home soon – maybe in like 2 or 3 days! I can’t wait, even though i haven’t read New Moon nor Eclipse.

I researched in `Breaking Dawn’  Edward Cullen  and Isabella Swan get married and have a daughter. Adorable:). But the Volturi (the police kind of thing of vampires) thinks the baby is fully vampire which isn’t allowed. However, there was a misunderstading! And i think Bella was having a hard time giving the baby and so Edward or Carlisle inject venom into her so she becomes a vampire so she doesn’t die 😀 Before Edward got Bella pregnant, they got married and were on their honeymoon to Carlisle’s own island called ‘Esme’ which he named after his vampire wife.

Also, there are 3 parts to the book. The first and last parts are done by Bella, but the second is from Jacob Black (Bella’s childhood friend who falls in love with her in New Moon and kisses her in Eclipse, he is also a werewolf).

Carlise, Esme, Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, Bella – do they become one family?

I’m really excited, i can’t wait!

Twilight Book

That’s the book i have right now, it’s the first in the Twilight book series. The film The Twilight Saga came out in the year 2008.

New Moon Book

That’s the second book of the Twilight collection. The film The Twilight Saga: New Moon came out in the year 2009.

Eclipse Book

That’s the third book of the Twilight collection. The film The Twilight Saga: Eclipse came out in the year 2010.

Breaking Dawn Book

That’s the fourth book of the Twilight collection. The film hasn’t come out yet. However, the director is changing i think – and the author (Stephanie Meyer) will be directing it herself!  They said that the first part will be coming out at the end of 2011 and the second and third part should be coming out at the beginning or middle of 2012. So far away 😦 I also think that the film “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” will be higher rated – maybe 15 or 18? As Bella gives birth…who knows?

In the mean time, our summer holidays are coming to an end! I hoped this time would never come, but hoping goes no where in life :(. We only have 2 weeks left, so enjoy it whilst it’s here :D. I’ll read my book when it comes and boost up the information – i really can’t wait!

>.< Keep this to yourself okay? But i heard there is a new book to the Twilight series coming out – called “Midnight Sun”! It’s the first book of the Twilight series but written ALL by Edward Cullen. Wow – you can read the first chapter on the offical Twilight site 😀 I can’t give anymore details, it’s for my own good(:

I will be doing another post, on a different topic, bye!

Yasminros’s Weblog Admins Widget:)

Thanks to FirePeny88, i made this widget:) She told me where i could do it and YAY DONE Create custom animated gifs at!

Visit – Twilight!!!

Hey 🙂 Thought i could come back for a visit, won’t hurt agreed? 😀

I have been truly addicted to the Twilight films & books! Have you ever gone through it? 😉 Or is it just me?

I got the Twilight book (the very first one) for my birthday which was on the 24th July. It was like the BEST birthday ever, i actually loved everything about that day :’D

Anyway, i read the book in like 3 days (pssssh, that shows the addiction doesn’t it?) And after than, i read it another 2 more times! Well, not fully – read only my fave parts but that was like most of the book. I watched Twilight through Youtube, and watched New Moon through some people’s blogs/sites. Hope to see Eclipse soon 🙂 Or i might just watch Breaking Dawn.

Anyhow – a new book is coming to the Twilight series called Midnight Sun!!!

<a href=”” title=”The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)”>The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)</a>

My Best Style:)

Yasminrose's BEST outfit EVER!

That’s my BEST outfit, so don’t you dare say you own it 😛 And i will change it cos i don’t want the styles i do for the penguin to be on other people’s banners. Because i get NO credit, and I styled it! Well, bye then! Be back after semi-quit, naaah x


I’m now telling you… that i’m going to go on a semi-quit. Not a proper one because i will be back soon – if i want because this is crap. I just get over 1 view everyday, so bad compared to my friend’s blog’s and youtube’s. So bye:) Good for me & you. x If you want me to do posts on anything i can, but it will be once i get back so 😛 x

Any objections? I doubt it, you pathetic readers. Fuck yourselves:)x